We Are Social Architects and Planners

At Empower the Change, we gather resources or what we like to call bridges for people often forgotten in our communities. Women, people living with disabilities, and the youth in particular. We are committed to initiating change and empowering these groups to lead successful, productive lives through education, advocacy, the arts, and technology.

We do this by forming collaborations with organizations that serve as bridges to help these individuals navigate their lives over challenging terrain and choppy waters.

We map out the social, political and cultural landscape these individuals often have to encounter and identify the bridges to help them successfully cross these barriers.

Our Why

Through our own personal stories we know what it's like to navigate life and come to seemingly impassable roads. We've witnessed the genius of people often overlooked because of their gender, age, health, disability or economic standing. For these, we have charted out the landscape of known barriers to access and identified the bridges to help them successfully cross over into fulfilling and productive lives. - Clive Lendore & Catherine Hoyem, Founders

Our Bridges!

Our partner organizations that bridge the gap for women, youth, people living with disabilities and the economically disadvantaged.

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